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Health Coach Conversations

Feb 18, 2020

Many current health coaches didn’t grow up with schools that offered classes in entrepreneurialism. Marie joins Cathy to share advice for business owners of all backgrounds and why B-School might be for you!


In this episode, Cathy and Marie discuss the following:

  • Suggestions for branding your product with...

Feb 10, 2020

Business owners can connect with potential clients in hundreds of ways and Cathy shares the most common strategies to get new customers. Whichever touch point you choose, if you remain consistent in your service and your message, your business will grow! 


In this episode, Cathy suggests the following:

  • Make your...

Feb 4, 2020

Being a health coach doesn’t mean you’re limited to offering programs based only on nutrition or physical fitness. Rita Avellar shares how her experience in content marketing led to a business helping other health coaches.  


In this episode, Cathy and Rita discuss the following:

  • Why Rita’s private group for...

Jan 27, 2020

Hiring a virtual assistant doesn’t have to be scary. Cathy and Ashley share how a virtual assistant can help you do the work you need to do and tips for finding the best person for the job.


In this episode, Cathy and Ashley discuss the following:

  • Different types of virtual assistants  
  • Why it’s important to get...

Jan 20, 2020

Being a health coach can feel lonely unless you establish a network of connections to support your business. Cathy talks with different health coaches about various ways to add value to their services by partnering with other health coaches and professionals.  


In this episode, Cathy discusses the following:

  • How to...