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Health Coach Conversations

Nov 23, 2020

Building your program for your ideal client is one thing, launching your program so customers can find you is an entirely separate process. Cathy shares what you absolutely must do before launching, different ways to market your launch, and 4 simple steps to have a successful launch! 


In this episode, Cathy...

Nov 16, 2020

Selling is necessary to have a successful health coaching business and doesn’t have to be something you dread! Listen in as Cathy shares helpful selling tips, how to handle the most common objections, and the power of focusing on the service you offer others instead of the sale! 


In this episode, Cathy discusses

Nov 9, 2020

Diets and eating disorders are nothing new to our society, unfortunately. However, conversations around intuitive eating and how to treat disordered eating are becoming more popular. Melainie Rogers talks with Cathy about why it’s necessary to understand our relationship with food, how to address our health in truly...