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Health Coach Conversations

Feb 23, 2021

Being healthy is more than just a balanced diet or getting enough sleep. Nati Valderrama visits with Cathy and shares why the relationship you have with yourself is actually more valuable than any fitness routine and why it’s time to embrace your authentic self! 


In this episode, Cathy and Nati discuss: 

  • How...

Feb 16, 2021

Our bodies are each unique and it’s easy to forget everyone requires a different approach to improve their health. Dr. Monika Gostic is a scientist well-versed in nutrition who experienced her own health issues before becoming a health and business strategist. She joins Cathy to explain why one diagnosis and treatment...

Feb 3, 2021

What inspired you to become a health coach? Most likely, you’ve experienced a life-changing transformation and want to share your story with others. Omar Cumberbatch joins Cathy to share why he became a health coach and podcaster focused on health and wellness, along with the challenges health coaches face and why...