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Health Coach Conversations

Mar 29, 2021

Health coaches have numerous opportunities to create memberships or subscriptions that can make money and save time and energy while providing value to clients. Cathy explains how to easily use memberships and subscriptions and why the Health Coach Group’s new Beta Membership might be for you!


In this episode, Cathy...

Mar 15, 2021

Whether you’re new to the health coaching business or have been in the game for years, achieving and maintaining success takes a lot of hard work but is totally possible if you know where to focus your time and attention. Ashlie explains why you must constantly build your list and your business, and always be ready to...

Mar 8, 2021

An email list is crucial to building your health coach business. As your list grows, consistency is key to remind potential clients of the value you offer and why they should work with you. Listen in as Cathy shares 10 Steps to Create Your List!   


In this episode, Cathy discusses:  

  1. Gather testimonials
  2. Create a...

Mar 1, 2021

Building an email list is vital for any health coaching business and the messages you send to your list might be the first time a potential client meets you. Francis Nayan believes first impressions are key, breaks down what your email sequences should include and why telling your story is the simplest and most powerful...