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Health Coach Conversations

Apr 26, 2021

Facebook advertising is an excellent way to position yourself in front of the right customers, but you must have the right ads in place. Ashlie Pappas shares updates to Facebook advertising due to Apple privacy changes and how you can still optimize your ad campaigns for clients to not only find you, but buy from you...

Apr 19, 2021

If you want to grow your business, you have to know how to advertise and how to nurture your list of potential clients. Listen in as Cathy explains why advertising is always worth it and the must-do steps to have the business you want!  


In this episode, Cathy discusses

  • Why you need advertising and your own website

Apr 14, 2021

Social media is constantly changing but it’s still a great way to grow your business and reach more clients. Cathy shares simple tips and tools to enhance your social media strategy! 


In this episode, Cathy discusses: 

  • Blend of organic growth and boosting
  • One platform that reaches everyone: Facebook
  • Implement what...

Apr 5, 2021

Health coaches are needed more than ever to address the growing issues surrounding physical and mental health, stress, and isolation. If you’re ready to launch or strengthen your health coaching journey, Health Coach University is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable skills in coaching, business, and wellness and...