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Health Coach Conversations

Feb 23, 2021

Being healthy is more than just a balanced diet or getting enough sleep. Nati Valderrama visits with Cathy and shares why the relationship you have with yourself is actually more valuable than any fitness routine and why it’s time to embrace your authentic self! 


In this episode, Cathy and Nati discuss: 

  • How narrowing her niche impacted Nati’s health coaching business 
  • Nati’s definition of self-love and what changed her approach to health 
  • Working out from a place of love and nurturing vs. fitness 
  • Common limiting beliefs Nati addresses in her self-love coaching 
  • Imposter syndrome and why coaches need a coach, too
  • The relationship of astrology, self-awareness and self-love
  • How Nati gets clients from word of mouth referrals 


Memorable Quotes:

  • “It got to a point where I was too obsessed with my health and I wasn’t really working on loving myself. So as much as I was ‘healthy’, I was not loving myself and had this feeling that I had to do more and be more; I wasn’t satisfied at all.” 
  • “To me, self-love is the journey towards our most authentic selves.” 


Nati is a Self-Love Coach, Astrologer, and multi-passionate human. Nati's passion is helping and guiding people to know and love themselves, so they may live fuller lives. Through her instagram, podcast and blog, Nati's mission is to spread a lil loving, happiness and positivity into the world.



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