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Health Coach Conversations

Dec 10, 2018

Today’s episode is a two hour workshop for anyone that has a Health Coach Group Program. This workshop covers many different strategies to help establish and grow your health coaching program. Cathy wants to help you set up a successful program launch and to get your program in front of clients so you can start making money!

Cathy discusses…

  • Establishing a list building system
  • The need for a consistent branding message
  • Having a program and a group ready for administration  
  • Ways to offer a webinar
  • Using videos and an email auto responder
  • Using your program to get a better understanding of your customers
  • The Seven Steps customers should experience in your program
  • Tailoring your program to your specific niche and customer needs
  • Different marketing styles  
  • Pre-launch steps and videos to use to provide as much value as possible
  • Importance of completing program
  • Marketing calendar
  • Ways to build your list
  • Assisting clients with steps to transformation
  • Membership mastery vs. building program
  • Legality of providing general educational information vs. prescribed diets, etc.
  • Suggestions for making videos
  • Value of referrals and repeat customers
  • Review of pre-launch videos
  • Beta testing and sharing testimonials
  • Importance of authenticity and transparency

Things Mentioned In This Episode:

Online Marketing Mastery





Slim, Sexy & Smart

Jeff Walker Launch

Clutter Cleanse

Healthy Holidays



Membership Mastery



30 Day Money Making Challenge

Art of Aging

Health Coach University

Links to resources:

Health Coach Group Website