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Health Coach Conversations

Dec 17, 2018

Thanks for joining another episode of Health Coach Conversations! Our special guest today is Adrian McIntyre. Adrian hails from a family of professional storytellers, has worked as a journalist, and has a PhD in cultural anthropology. He shares with us why he offers storytelling as a professional service for others and how stories shape who we are for ourselves and the way we show up in the world.   

Adrian discusses the following:

  • The importance of understanding the stories that shape our individual experience
  • How our stories can be altered
  • The difference between sound bites and stories
  • The power of telling stories that connect with others
  • Bite-size, story-driven content vs. brand storytelling
  • Embracing story as an evolving, living practice
  • The value of online story content
  • Story-driven case studies and stories of success you’ve had with clients
  • Messaging strategies, top line messages, and killer facts
  • Using local networking events as a way to practice sharing your message
  • 5 topics for generating stories: People, places, process, problems, promise
  • Why people want and need to hear themselves in your story
  • 3 critical phases of storytelling: Discovery, design, delivery
  • 5 types of social media content: photos, long form text, produced video or audio, 24 hour stories, live streams
  • 2nd order observation and gaining a different perspective
  • You don’t control the stories you tell and not everyone shares your perspective
  • Dynamic relationship between the story, the teller, the audience
  • Examples of how business owners use storytelling     
  • How to know what story you should tell


Things Mentioned In This Episode:

Adrian McIntyre 5x5 Content Strategy Framework

Links to resources:

Health Coach Group Website