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Health Coach Conversations

Jan 20, 2020

Being a health coach can feel lonely unless you establish a network of connections to support your business. Cathy talks with different health coaches about various ways to add value to their services by partnering with other health coaches and professionals.  


In this episode, Cathy discusses the following:

  • How to expand your referral network at your workshops and events
  • How offering a nutritionist or dietician with your services can benefit your clients
  • How life coaches can grow their reach by working with other health coaches 
  • Who to consider adding to your circle of contacts to increase your referrals
  • How Synduit and the Health Coach Group can help you find a list of professionals to compliment your coaching 
  • The huge benefits of being connected to other health coaches 


Mentioned In This Episode:


Clutter Cleanse

Up Level Cafe


7 Day Gut Health

Natural Health Immersion Program


12 Day Detox

28 Day Slim Sexy Smart 

Healthy Gut 


Links to resources:

Health Coach Group Website